The use of navigators has become a trend in world most developed countries. Garmin Nuvi 350 portable GPS navigator system is one of the highly ranked and loaded navigators which provide a great assistance during travel. It is basically the GPS technology with its advanced features that make the Garmin Nuvi 350 pocket GPS navigator a very useful and helping device whether it is used in a car or just while roaming around on foot.

The Garmin Nuvi 350 portable GPS navigator system is small in size and light in weight. It can easily be held in the palm and designed to be accommodated in the pocket easily. Its high quality resolution and display allows you to figure out directions and maps without any hassle of understanding. Garmin Nuvi 350 also gives you the option of storing large amount of navigated data in its high capacity memory card.

The battery time is 8 hours for this GPS navigator and it comes with an energy adaptor for charging it in the vehicles. The previous model for this GPS device was Garmin Nuvi 250 GPS Navigator which had the same theme functions but was not as loaded as this GSP 350 is. Previously the battery time was lesser and the GPS 250 also was low in display features as compared to the latest ones.

Though the 250 GPS navigator lacked in some of the features but for basic navigation purposes it served very well and proved to be the great technology success. \”Technology has made life very easy\” and these GPS navigators have proved the statement very true to many who never agreed on the advantages of advancement in technology.

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